Online Designer

Shout out to our new designer Steve over there at the mixtape designer stop. Man these guys came thru when we were needing some graphics done. I was seeking a web designer for some graphics and other work when I ran across this guy.  Im telling you, this guy came thru when no one else did. For anyone need graphic work check out these guys. I decided to post this quick post about him and his graphics services to help this guy get more work. Check him at

Its the least I could. This guy created some flyer and website shit for the company.  Ill post his work soon as he finishes it.

New Update for 2016

Hey everyone, where back with a quick update for the website. It’s been a while since we’ve posted in the blog. We’ve been doing some major updates over the past few months. We plan on revamping the new website for 2016 and adding a lot more content and information for you guys out there. We have a lot more showcases coming up of dogs and other breeders coming up.

plumbingWe’ve been in contact with a lot of new faces so be expecting to be a lot more photos and breeders throughout the country. A few issues we’ve been having here in our office has been plumbing issues. Its cause us a lot of delay over the past few months which have been a major headache. We were able to fix and finally after tons of contractors giving us bids not following through with work. I wanted to give a shout out to GP plumbing experts These guys know their shit. There was major plumbing issues underneath our office building that caused foundation issues structural damage and other big issues with our building.

This caused us to not be able to be in office due to the fixing and recalling the building itself. So enough about that news, as of today we finally fixed it is all the issues are taken care of. We are now back working in the office taking care of business. The on the lookout next week for some new updates. In addition to some videos that we shot over the past few weeks. And if you’re interested in partnering up with us contact us today.

Bull Dog Supplements for Growing Dogs

Each and everyday we get asked for tips on how to take care and maintain the health of a bulldog. While it mainly comes from good nutrition and exercise we also include some awesome supplements that help maintain there health with vitamins and nutrients they need to fight off sickness and grow muscle and strength.

Many people assume supplements for dogs are bad. This is false. Humans everyday take supplements. Are they bad for us? No. We take them to stay strong and healthy. Our dogs are very similar. There immune system can get weak. Why not help maintain it and keep them strong.

Not to long ago a friend recommended a product called Vitabully pitbull vitamins. This supplement is designed for bull dog of all including pit bulls, american bullies and our favorite bull dogs. Their pitbull dog vitamins are designed exactly for bull dog breeds.

Also check out

I’d recommend checking them out. Here is there website. These guys did an excellent job in creating a great dog supplement for building a strong immune system and a muscle supplement.

Popular Bulldog Breed Videos

Below are some popular bulldog breed dogs we found on youtube.  We loved the videos and wanted to share with you. They are beautiful dogs and are great dogs that love your companionship and love.  Enjoy. We are soon accepting breeding with our dogs. Contact us with rates.

To learn more about bulldogs check out there Wiki page.


Funny Bulldog Photos

I ran across this super funny facebook group for Bulldogs. All BD lovers join this group! The other day there was a post. It stated show funny photos how your bull dog sleeps! And this is the photo they has posted.

funny bulldog picsHaha… funny ain’t it? This reminds me of many of my dogs and how they sleep and take naps.

How does your bulldog sleep? Show us photos and let us see your pics. Check out the FB group here. We are a bulldog kennel located in the UK. It’s almost spring time and time for breeding is just around the corner. If your interested in owning a bulldog contact us, Esclusham Bulldogs. We’ve been in business over 10 years breeding dogs. We can help get you a healthy fun playful bulldog.

Welcome To Esclusham Bulldogs UK

bulldogWe are a small bulldog kennel, who breed mostly to carry on our show team. We have a history of good breeding stock dating back decades with healthy stock in the showing and in our breeding.

Although we mainly breed for our own show team we occasionally have quality puppies for sale.

If in need of advice on your bulldog or puppy, or interested in buying a puppy, please contact me.