New Update for 2016

Hey everyone, where back with a quick update for the website. It’s been a while since we’ve posted in the blog. We’ve been doing some major updates over the past few months. We plan on revamping the new website for 2016 and adding a lot more content and information for you guys out there. We have a lot more showcases coming up of dogs and other breeders coming up.

plumbingWe’ve been in contact with a lot of new faces so be expecting to be a lot more photos and breeders throughout the country. A few issues we’ve been having here in our office has been plumbing issues. Its cause us a lot of delay over the past few months which have been a major headache. We were able to fix and finally after tons of contractors giving us bids not following through with work. I wanted to give a shout out to GP plumbing experts These guys know their shit. There was major plumbing issues underneath our office building that caused foundation issues structural damage and other big issues with our building.

This caused us to not be able to be in office due to the fixing and recalling the building itself. So enough about that news, as of today we finally fixed it is all the issues are taken care of. We are now back working in the office taking care of business. The on the lookout next week for some new updates. In addition to some videos that we shot over the past few weeks. And if you’re interested in partnering up with us contact us today.

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